Vitamin C Serum


This serum is primarily for those with dry to normal skin. Those with combination skin concentrate on dry areas of your face. Apply pea sized amount to a clean, dry face. Use before moisturizer or alone as a moisturizer. Serum can also be used nightly before bed, separate from the facial system
● Prevents aging
● Reduces wrinkles
● Evens skin tone
● Organic
● Vitamin infused
● Moisturizing
● Safe around the eyes








Apply to a damp, clean face. Remember a little goes a long way. Cover entire face avoiding around the eyes. Let the mask sit 10-20 mins or longer if desired. Mask will begin to harden and remove toxins through your pores. A tingling sensation is completely normal. This is part of the detoxification process. Once the mask has set for the desired time wash off with warm water and face cloth. Always follow with YBL Vitamin C Serum or moisturizer of your choice.







Dampen face with warm water. Apply scrub all over face avoiding around the eyes. Rub mask into the skin in a circular motion for:
● Duo Action cleanser/scrub
● Infused with Lavender petals
● Suitable for all skin types
● Gentle on sensitive skin
● Exfoliates
● Infused with organic essential oils (non greasy)
● Resurfaces skin/Improves Texture
● Improves shaving


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